This past year and about five months has been life-altering for most of us due to the current pandemic. Last year was a blur because we suddenly had to change how we run our personal lives and how we do our work or operate our business. Despite the preparations we made last year though, this year has been especially challenging for me as the effect of this deadly virus hit close to home.

So then, it made me think of seriously considering the alternative ways of making a living. That is, online or internet-based options but working for myself so I won’t have to compromise my well-being and that of my family’s safety. It’s time for a change and there’s no better time than today. Here are a few that you might want to consider as well.

1. Online Selling

Even before the pandemic, e-commerce sites have been slowly creeping into our spending habits. For those of you that do not have the patience to sit through traffic just to buy your favorite gadgets, clothes, shoes or bags, these websites are godsend. It is indeed so much more convenient to order them online and just wait for them to arrive at your doorstep.

So if you can whip up a great dish or create art/jewelry/specialty piece or, better yet, have access to readily available sellable items, then you can post them on social media for orders from your immediate community or neighboring cities or even provinces. 

2. Online Jobs

If you’re not up for online selling, you can always try the numerous online jobs that are now available. From virtual assistance to coaching to teaching, you name it. There are sites like, or where you can check the home-based employment opportunities that you are qualified for.

Bear in mind though that it’s not just about those with the highest financial offer but those that match your lifestyle. You can choose those opportunities that are compatible with the level of commitment that you can give. That is, it’s sometimes more challenging to manage your time when you work from home so assess carefully before you apply.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply endorsing products or services and getting a commission or a percentage for every successful sale. It can be done via published articles in blogs and/or social media, emails or videos solely for the purpose of promotion.

I’d like to believe that this type of marketing efforts is a fairly simpler means of making a living since you don’t need to produce or prepare the items or services. Though it might have its own share of challenges just like any income-generating ventures. Thus, I highly suggest that you only recommend those items that you personally used or availed of. It’ll come out more natural and sincere when you promote it.

4. Digital Products

 As an alternative to marketing someone else’s products or services via emails or blog posts or videos, you might want to consider creating your own. If you have a knack for something that friends and family find extraordinary, then you can create an ebook or a printable version of it. For ebooks, those could even be short stories or a book of poems if you want to hone your writing skills.

For printable items, these can be study guides, planners, workbooks or suggested schedules for different types of jobs or activities. Even a tbr for book enthusiasts of a certain genre can be interesting. The options are many. 

5.  Online Course

If you’d rather create an online product that is better consumed through a mixture of narratives and videos, then an online course could be more appealing to you. As an example, the study guides in item #4 can be converted to this type of product/service. It could be based on your knowledge in using certain types of software like the Microsoft applications or gadgets like a DSLR camera.

Teachers or professionals that are trained or experienced in a particular skill set are good candidates for this type of service. Entrepreneurs that have been successful in building their businesses have leveraged this opportunity. Due to the effects of the pandemic in the economy of many countries, people now want to gain new skills to have better chances of getting another job when they’re suddenly laid off or when their businesses have to close. 


Although there are a lot of other online-based opportunities, I think that these are some of the more viable ones that are worth looking into. I, for one, will continue to pursue blogging and will initially work my way to the different types of web-based marketing before I consider creating my own products or services. How about you?

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